Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Melody Day (멜로디데이) - #LoveMe eng +roman lyrics


Can you believe
That in my dreams, you are a princess that is cast under a magic spell?
Although there are so many hardships that come along your way
But I always have a strong determination
That I will save you once again
I gathered my hands and prayed for endless courage and wisdom
Past the magic castle and across the swamp
Inside the dark cave, I see you far away
Now hold my hand
It feels like our bodies are floating
Even when we freely fly in the sky
Don’t be surprised
The world that is spread out before us
Is so precious, if we’re together

Mideulsu innayo
Naui kkum sogeseon neoneun mabeobe ppajin gongjurangeol
Eonjena neoreul hyanghan momjisen su manheun eoryeoum ppunijiman
Geureona eojena gudeun dajim ppunijyo
Dasi neoreul guhago malgeorago
Dusoneul moa gidohaetjyo kkeuteomneun yonggiwa jihyereul dallago
Mabeobui seongeul jina neupeul geonneo
Eodumui dunggul sok meolli geudaega boyeo
Ije naui soneul jababoayo
Uriui momi tteooreuneun geoseul neukkijyo
Jayuropge jeo haneureul
Naragado nollaji marayo
Uriape pyeolpyeojil sesangi
Neomuna sojungi hamkkeitdamyeon

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