Friday, August 14, 2015

Jay Park 박재범 - Eyes Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님 (tvN 금토드라마) OST - Part.4 english translation+roman lyrics

Memories that are so long ago that it’s hard to remember
I can’t explain why it hurts so much

All the people that I’ve grown used to, who were by my side
They get smaller and smaller, as if it’s not mine
Close my eyes
The longing gets vaguer than a dream
No, never let me go
Turning around, my footsteps get heavy
The moonlight that fell all night wells up in my eyes
I quietly hum the old song that I’ve kept dear to my heart
Close your eyes, you can smile
Remind our memories
The footsteps that matched mine stay the same

ijen meol-eojyeo chueogjocha hagi himdeun nal
nan wae apeunji seolmyeonghal sudo eobsne

gyeot-e meomuldeon igsughan
su manh-eun in-yeondeul
nae geos-i anin deushae jeomjeom deo jag-ajyeoman ga

Close my eyes kkumboda heulishan geulium
No... Never let me go
dol-aseoneun geol-eum-i mugeowo

bamsae naelideon dalbich-i nunga-e maejhigo
akkyeodun yesnal nolae najig-i heung-eolgeoline

Close your eyes, You can smile
remind our memories
naege majchudeon balgeol-eum-eun geudaelo geol-eoga

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